Inktober Day 19: Scorched



Inktober Day 18: Bottle

I haven’t encountered much anti-American sentiment in my time here in France. In fact, the French are actually much more friendly than stereotypes would have you believe (except Parisians, but they hate everyone equally, even themselves), and surprisingly, most of the anti-American hostility I have faced has come from other immigrants.

The quote in the drawing is something that a coworker actually said to me shortly after the birth of my son, at a job where I worked with a British and an Indian woman who were both full of disparaging and disdainful remarks for Americans…

Inktober Day 14: Clock

For today’s drawing I decided to re-use and ink a pencil sketch in my sketchbook from several years ago.

Didn’t get too fancy with it due to time constraints (weekend with my son 🙂 ), but I’m still happy with it.