It has only today fully and truly hit me that, within a months time, I will be leaving my country with no plans to return. The country in which I was born. The country that has been nearly the only thing I’ve known in my life.

While this is a fact that has been known to me for quite sometime, the import of it has been somewhat lost on me until very lately. I will be leaving everything I have ever known. Dollars shall be traded for Euros. Cowboy hat and boots exchanged for a striped shirt and beret. Hamburgers and beer become cheese and wine.

The language which I have spoken, written and read for almost 26 years will be useless to me as I go through my day to day in a language in which I can only express myself about as well as a fifth-grader on a brilliant day.

Things I have known all my life will be sacrificed. The convenience of 24-hour anything, for example. And apparently (horror of horrors), it’s hard to find bacon over there.

It will be a new time in my life. New country, new customs, new culture, new language, new money.

And yet, I don’t regret my decisions at all. I look forward to it all with a curious blend of excitement and trepidation, a cautious hope and minimal anxiety. All this is a sacrifice that my wife was willing to, and had tried to, make for me in her quest to live in America. It is then only fair that I be willing to do the same for her.

There is one thing that is truly important to me these days – everything else is just details. As Curly in City Slickers said, “Do you know what the secret of life is? One thing. Just one thing.”. And my one thing is my wife.

Where we live is pretty inconsequential in comparison.

“No regrets, Mr. Freeman.”


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