I Lost 30+ lbs On The “Eat Whatever You Feel Like” Diet!

Ok, maybe not eating whatever I want, but in the last five months, I’ve gone from about 114 kilos (250 lbs) to 96 kilos (211 lbs).  My pants no longer stay up well, my belt is useless, and shirts that were once tight now have ample room.

While I can’t say I haven’t put any effort into eating right and exercising, I put very little into it.  While it’s true that I get in a fair amount of exercise walking to and from class and various other things (about 3 hours of walking a week), and I don’t eat fast food QUITE as often as I did in America, it’s also true that I haven’t really changed my eating habits.

My diet still consists mostly of sodas and meats and cheeses and french fries and coffee and bread (lots of bread i.e. carbs – SUCK IT ATKINS!).

That I’ve slimmed down so quickly and continue to do so is a pretty strong argument for eating better quality (more natural) food.  I’ve always kind of grimaced at the people that shop only at Whole Foods, and decry the packaged processed deliciousness found on the supermarket shelves.  Now that I see the benefits of eating better food, I think I might have to apologize to them, at least in my head.

Shortly after I got here, my wife was watching The Biggest Loser (she LOVES that show), and someone started crying because they couldn’t remember the last time they were under 300lbs.  I started thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I weighed less than 200 (it was in junior high is about as specific as I can get), and how nice it would be to get there.

I wrote these guys to see if they would help
me.  They said “fat chance”.

So started the diet and exercise program.  I signed up on a great site which you can find here.  At first I was all about it – I was a calorie tracking machine, and if I had the time, I was getting in daily walks (I can’t really run; I still smoke).  Then after a while I kinda put it aside as I got caught up in other things.

My first goal was to get my BMI from just over 30 (“obese”) where it was, to under 30.  Even though I’d stopped counting every calorie and going on strictly scheduled walks, it came pretty quickly.  My next goal was to get under 100 kilos.  That too came pretty quickly.  My current goals are A) to weigh under 200 lbs, and B) to get my BMI under 25 (I’ll go from “overweight” to “normal”).

Interestingly, these will happen at the exact same moment, as a BMI of 25 for someone my height comes to 199 and some change.  At the moment, my BMI is 26.4.

I’m considering getting back on an exercise program in addition to what I already get in, and see if I can’t boost this weight loss along.  I think I can.

In fact, I think I’ll start right now. 🙂


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