And The Kitchen Sink Too

So this last weekend Madame Wifey and I finally got to fixing the sink that was completely shattered after meeting my fat ass in a tragic gravity-related incident, the details of which are still being investigated by a congressional commission.

Ok, so it was in fact the bathroom sink, not the kitchen sink, and it looked nowhere near as cool as the one in this picture.

But it turned out to be nowhere near as torturous as I had expected it to be.  Scraping the sloppily applied silicon off the sink proved to be a challenge, true, and there were some difficulties when we realized that we couldn’t actually remove the sink since there didn’t seem to be any cutoff valves of any sort on the water lines.

But really, all it came down to was that we took a piece of the broken countertop to the local hardware store, said “We need another one of these in this same material”, brought it home, removed as much of the last counter as possible and siliconed the new one in place.  Boom.

Turns out silicon caulk REEKS of vinegar.  So then did the bathroom, for about a day.  I’m crossing my fingers for the longevity of this countertop.


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