Straight Up Update

Well friends and family, it’s been a little while since I gave you all just a straight-up update on how life in France is going.  So here’s an update, and we’ll get back to the interesting stuff by next post (I think) ;).

So I’ve now been in this country for just slightly over five months, and most of the big stuff (basic stuff?) has been taken care of.  I’ve nearly completed all the immigration stuff I need to do; I still have to apply for my health insurance, pass a basic French exam (which, in practice, I’ve already passed twice), and start my job.That’s all the necessary stuff.  And while it’s coming along just fine, those that know me well know I’ve always been more interested in the unnecessary stuff (the stuff that gives value to survival as opposed to the stuff with survival value).  And as far as unnecessary stuff goes, there’s a lot of it.

The wife and I have been talking semi-seriously about having a child.  It’s an idea I’d very much like to entertain, but at the moment it feels like we (maybe just I) need to solidify our life here a little bit more (and work out some issues) and have a better foundation on which to build our extended family.

Ami is still working her job, racking up promotions left and right and receiving nice surprise bonuses; it won’t be long until they promote her to Lord Of All Humans.  She got a stunningly large unexpected bonus the other day, and I know that, my wife being who she is, that money will end up somewhere smart.  However, me being who I am, I suggested she take a little off the top to go get something nice for herself (which she never really does).  She wants a treadmill.  I guess we’re getting a treadmill.

She has also vowed to stop playing Café World, as she feels it keeps her from getting to things that ACTUALLY matter.  So friends, if you receive a Café World request from the wife, do let me know so I can scold her, yeah?

And I guess that brings us back to me.  My painting is temporarily on hold due to a minor supply issue, but my art in other forms is still happening (actually, the picture above is one I did recently – if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it 🙂 ).  I have a barely filled schedule with French classes four days a week and chore days on two other days.  Plus I have my job starting soon, which will fill in some of the blanks in my schedule.

On a closing note, our puppy, MJ, is now about 6 months old and has made a lot of progress since we brought him home:
-He’s stopped relieving himself inside and has learned to be vocal about needing to go outside.
-He has generally stopped biting and licking every time you try to pet him and just lets himself be pet.
-He recognizes the commands “SIT”, “STAY”, “DOWN”, “OUT”, “OFF” and “TOY” (at which he runs to get his toy so we can play).  Still trying to teach him “SHUT THE HELL UP BEFORE I KICK YOU OUT FOR THE NIGHT!”.

He stands almost at my knees now (he got big FAST), although he’s still the lanky, high energy monster we brought home.

And that, I think, is about it.

Oh, and no news from the Dr. Pepper guys yet.


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