Other Worthwhile Blogs Part II: Niki’s Blog

Time to continue promoting my way through my blogroll!  Seen here being pretty happy about sitting in her car is Niki Nowell, another buddy of mine.  I know what you’re thinking and yes, I do personally know the authors of every blog on my blogroll.  The entire four of them.


So, who is Niki and why do I think you should check out her blog?  Well, aside from an awesomely alliterative appellation, one reason would be if you like books.  She writes them, she reads them, she reviews them, she hoards them (or at least she used to). 

If you don’t like books, you should still check out her blog: in general, Niki blogs about her everyday life.  And her life is interesting.  She and her phone-book destroying hubby run an outreach (similar to the previously mentioned Dry Bones) out of Boulder CO.  She’s also mother to some pretty funny kids and wife to a strong-man.

She’s got a few interesting running features too:
GRATITUESDAY:  As the name suggests, on Tuesdays she’s grateful for something.  And she shares it.
DECLUTTERING CHALLENGES: She’s on a mission to ‘declutter’ her home.  Rather than do it all at once, she divvies it up into ‘challenges’, tackles them, and shares the experience.  It’s interesting to read these and then take a look at what I have cluttering up my space.  Plus, she’s been known to give some of the stuff away.  Freebies people, freebies.

And plus, I heard she once defeated a horde of robot zombies using only a Precious Moments figurine – now if that in and of itself isn’t enough reason to check out her blog, what is?

And Niki, it’s Tuesday; I’ll be waiting for that Gratituesday post… 😀


3 thoughts on “Other Worthwhile Blogs Part II: Niki’s Blog

  1. Thanks so much for the blog love and accountability, Don. My new post will be up by supper – Colorado time. 🙂

    The pic is one of my vain moments after my friend Judy cut my hair. After years of long red curls, I was basking in change – something I’m trying to do more frequently. Change is good, no?

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