Other Worthwhile Blogs Part III: Lost In The Attic (Kama Medders)

Over the last two days, my blog reached new personal records for number of readers (once I weeded out all the spam hits and referrers). And I see some people are clicking through the links to check out my friends’ blogs. Awesomeness.

So let’s continue to capitalize on the transient influx of readers by promoting the next blog on my list:

By Kama J. Medders

Equal parts philosopher, country girl, minister’s wife and proof that gingers do have souls, I met Kama through the previously mentioned (and mentioned again) DRY BONES.  In fact, the two sort of go hand in hand: Dry Bones and the Medders’ – the Medders’ and Dry Bones.  Because, you know, they started it.

Akin to a tornado, or perhaps to a shrewd businessman (or woman – we’re not sexist at this blog!) setting up a franchise, Kama and her husband, Jeff, blew into town from Texas, redefined what it means to be a good Christian, set up an organization that to this day helps a lot of people in fantastic ways, and then just disappeared.

Ok, they didn’t just disappear.  They moved out to L.A. to set up a similar ministry to Dry Bones for the homeless kids in the Venice Beach vicinity: The OTHER Dry Bones.  Dry Bones 2.0.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles turned out to be a bit less welcoming then they had hoped, and while the homeless kids may have been happy to have them there, the Medders’ and their ministry were victimized by city crime more than once.  So eventually I believe that ministry was, unfortunately, abandoned.

Which is too damn bad for the Los Angelinos – meeting Jeff and Kama was a revelatory experience in my life.  In 2 hours, they redefined my notion of Christianity.  I was raised Roman Catholic (I have fully recovered now), so early on in life my concept of religion was rituals, rosaries, saints, GUILT, and men in robes singing in a funny dead language.  Then I grew up, met other “Christians” outside of Catholicism , which did NOTHING to improve my viewpoint.

As easy as it would be for me to let this post slip into a description of why I don’t like Nominal Christians, I’m going to try to get back on point now.  When I went to the pool hall that night to meet Dry Bones (i.e. Jeff, Kama, Matt, Nikki, Robbie…) for the first time, I was expecting more the suit-and-tie bible-thumpers.  What I got was LOVE.  The Medders’ taught me very quickly that being Christian isn’t about the clothes, it isn’t about studying the books, it isn’t about racking up converts – it’s about love.  That was, to me, a huge and startling revelation.

In the 8 or so years since then, the Medders’ have continued to challenge my ideas about religion and life, and I am proud to call them my friends.  If you are Christian, you really should have a read over at Kama’s blog.  She just may change your mind about a few things.

Even if you’re not Christian, you should still read her blog, and give her (and Jeff) a chance to change what you think about Christians.

Outside of religion, she blogs about her garden battle against the harsh Arkansas terrain (spoiler: she’s winning) and various other aspects of life.

I can’t figure out how to close out this post, but I think I’ve said everything I want to say, so: Don out!


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