Other Worthwhile Blogs Part IV: Life Of Zach

Ok, time to wrap up this feature and pimp the last blog on my list. Sorry it took me a couple days to get this one up (the other ones went up daily), but work and life sometimes cut into my blogging time, ya know?

Now, last but not least:


Life of Zach is the story of a man. A man and a beard. Ok, not so much. Zach’s blog is still pretty new. Well actually it’s not so much new as he just started posting on it – the blog itself has been there for a long time, but in any case it’s hard for me to give you a sense of the blog at this point. So instead, I’ll try and give you a sense of the man.

Let me put it this way. Everybody tells Chuck Norris jokes. Those who know Zach tell Zach Smith jokes (“Zach Smith makes onions cry”). He’s an awesome young man who works for the previously mentioned Dry Bones Denver [yes, I’ve referenced them in my last four out of four posts. Look, if you’re gonna read my blog, you’re gonna see that name. Get used to it. They’re an awesome organization and if you haven’t checked out their blog/website yet, you should do that right after you check out Zach’s. Besides, I gotta give ’em something in return for all those shirts they gave me ;)].

You see this picture up there?  That’s Zach.  And that’s how he rolls – in shorts and a loud print shirt.  Or maybe not.  Either way, he’s a cool guy.  As I said, he works for Dry Bones, working hard to improve the lives of those who desperately need it.  Zach is also a very strong Christian with a lot of interesting perspectives on spirituality.

Outside of that, if there was a poster child for life in the Rocky Mountains, it would be Zach.  Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, Swiss ski-jumping, bear hunting, spelling his name in the snow – Zach’s an expert at all of them (some of which I may have assumed or just fabricated entirely).  In any case, I truly believe Zach is somehow descended from the famed Grizzly Adams; my belief may or may not have been influenced by his fabulous beard.

He also just got pulled off the market by a charming young lady whom I met just before I left Denver which makes him the only person I know who’s marriage is younger than mine.

So if you want to read about the life of a hard-working man improving the world, if you want to read about a man’s love for nature, God and his wife, if you want to read about the history of a glorious mane and it’s owner – Zach’s blog is the ticket.  What are you waiting for? DO IT – READ IT!


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