Expatriatism, NOW WITH PICTURES (of France, duh)

So, I’ve had a lot of requests for pictures on my blog.  Well, we got a new MicroSD for my phone which means I can now use the camera feature on my phone.  Well, technically I could use it before, but it couldn’t save the pictures anywhere, so it was kind of pointless.  So here’s some pictures of the beautiful country. Enjoy. (click the picture to see the full res version)  Also, sorry to have switched the theme on you guys AGAIN, but I needed one that let me set featured images.

It was a beautiful day today here, so the wife and I took advantage of it by taking the dog to a huge, awesome park nearby.  That’s her and the mutt in the foreground of this first one at the entrance to the park.

There was an open air modern sculpture art museum, which is a fancy way of saying there was a fenced off bit of grass with several huge statues on it. Here's one of them...
...And here's another one. This one was a kinetic sculpture, but the lack of pressure diferentials in the immediate vicinity rendered it rather static. I.E. This thing was supposed to swing around, but there was no wind, so it didn't.
A view of one of the many waterways in the park.
Walking in the woods
More woods
Hey, I like the woods, ok?
Know where my favorite place in America is? The Pacific Northwest. Know why? THE WOODS!
Semi-private archery range...
...And of course an archery range in the woods MUST be on Robin Hood Trail
Did I mention there were woods?
One last time... WOODS!

Don’t worry, not all the pics I upload will be of trees.  But today, that’s what happened to have happened.  I’d have taken a picture of the topless sunbather my wife noticed, but I don’t think she would have appreciated it (my wife OR the sunbather).  Maybe tomorrow I’ll upload some pictures from around town.  Or maybe I should get around to uploading some art.  I don’t know, what do you guys want to see?


One thought on “Expatriatism, NOW WITH PICTURES (of France, duh)

  1. Love the pictures…also love the woods! We’ve got tons of trees here in “the Natural State”. Our property is bordered on two sides by woods, and even though Arkansas does get on my nerves from time to time, I’m glad my kids are getting the experience of having a childhood where they can spend hours roaming and exploring the woods…(I make them carry long range, high power walkie talkies).

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