The Bolder Boulder, Or How My Friend Is Improving Lives

The Bolder Boulder.  What is it?  Doesn’t it sound like a watercolor book for kindergarteners about believing in yourself?  Are you imagining a round splotch of gray paint with a thought bubble reading “I think I can… I think I can… roll down hills and crush things”?  Well, you are now, aren’t you?

The Bolder Boulder is in fact a marathon (and will hereafter be referred to as the B.B. – because I’m a lazy typist).  While not as creatively named as the Boston Marathon nor as long, the Bolder Boulder is still a celebrated annual occurrence in Colorado.  And this year, there’s another reason to celebrate it.

Cue Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”.  Barrett Koczkur, in addition to having a last name that I have to check the spelling of every time I write it, is an architect.  He’s also an athlete who has set his sights on completing the 10K B.B. in under 60 minutes.  While I personally believe that he could already do it (in the sense that I have faith in him, not in the diminution of marathons sense), Barrett probably has a more accurate idea of whether he’s ready, and he feels he needs to train hardcore.  So he will be training.  Hardcore.

So far, all well and good for Barrett, but why am I telling you this?  Because Barrett’s using his experience in the B.B. to improve lives – he’s running for charity this year (specifically, for Dry Bones Denver [there’s that name again!  Wanna know why?  They’re epic.  Check their site.  You’ll see]).  There’s only one problem with doing anything for charity.  It only works if people are willing to give you money to do it. 

Barrett is looking for sponsors and has started a blog to that effect.  He’s looking for the “Per-Minute” variety.  Here’s the idea.  You pledge $X per minute.  For every minute under his goal that Barrett finishes the race, you donate that amount.  For the more math inclined among my readers, donation = (60-time)pledge.

Ultimately, he’d like to find enough epicly awesome people that he’ll be sponsored at $100 a minute.  Click anywhere in this paragraph or the above (that’s right, I hyper-linked two entire paragraphs – it’s that important, people!) to be taken to his training blog where you can get more info on Barrett himself, the race, sponsorship, Dry Bones, and Barrett’s preferences in Jell-O.  Also, watch that little skeleton .gif while listening to Eye of the Tiger or Stayin’ Alive.  Hilarious.

Do something good: sponsor Barrett.  Donations to Dry Bones are, as always, tax-deductible and, as always, give you the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’ve helped to improve people’s lives in a very real way.  Also, thanks to the inscrutable magic of technology, you can help out from anywhere in the world!

Good luck Barrett, and good on ya.  When all your training is done, I expect to see a montage video, capice?


3 thoughts on “The Bolder Boulder, Or How My Friend Is Improving Lives

  1. I didn’t know he was either until I saw his post on FB. You should pass this along, either my post or a direct link to his – see if we can’t drum up some sponsors. 🙂

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