Expatriatism! Now with Tweets!

Why have a Twitter if you already gots one o’ dem Facebooks?

Until today, that’s pretty much been my reaction to Twitter: Is it necessary?  Is it worth spending the time on it?

But today, in the never-ending quest to bring you quality content, I was reading several (okay, dozens) of articles on how to improve your content, reach more readers, and generally conquer the world.

Some of that’s even implemented in this post – but most of it’s not.

But one thing they mentioned over and over was Twitter.  Not Facebook.  Certainly not MySpace (it still exists, right?).  Not Friendster, Reddit, Digg or 4chan.  Just Twitter.

I’ve always been a late joiner.  I resist change kicking and screaming.  I got irritable when Facebook removed the submit button from the comment boxes lately.

But today, in the “150 million people can’t be wrong” mindset, a mission was undertaken to do the Twitter.

An account was created; people were followed; Android apps were downloaded; the blog was integrated.  You will now notice a Twitter share button under the posts.  Really, that should have been there all along; it doesn’t depend on me having an account, and you probably expected to see one, no?  Well it’s there now.  Enjoy.

You will also notice, once you follow DonHillson, that all my new posts appear instantly on Twitter, making sure you don’t miss a single one!  Hooray!

Aside from Twitter, you can still pop your email into that pretty little field up there on the right and get emails whenever there’s something new on the blog.



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