What Do You Call A Stray Siamese Cat With Codependency Issues?

No, seriously, what do you call it?  

A couple nights ago, I asked my wife to go see about (i.e. shoo away) a very vocal cat that was hanging out under our window.  This was my first mistake – my wife is a cat LOVER.

I was immediately called over to see the adorable ball of wailing fluff.

It was adorable.  It made cute noises.  It loved the attention my wife lavished on it.  But then, the same goes for tribbles, and we all know what happened there…

It appeared to be for the most part Siamese, and not fully grown (about six months, if I had to guess).  My darling wife looked at me and said those fateful words: “Let’s keep it!”.

Now before you brand us kitten thieves, this city has a thriving population of stray cats that are still domesticated – they’re just homeless.  People leave food for them outside and they generally aren’t afraid of getting some affection when they can.  So it was a very real possibility that the cat was a stray.

I had some misgivings, and I still do : I have no desire to rob some poor child of their beloved pet, but I also have no desire to refuse a stray cat a loving home.

Believe it or not, she holds me like this all the time too

As time slips by, we become more and more certain she was a stray (and it is a she).  We went to the store and bought a bunch of cat stuff.  However, we’re still keeping an eye open for missing kitty signs.

She and the canine don’t necessarily get along yet, but they have come to an agreement: any territory not occupied by the dog is the exclusive territory of the cat, until such time as the dog comes back.

But we still haven’t figured out what to call her.  So far we call her Cat.  We thought of a few names, but they’re all just too cliche – like Socks.  So I want your help.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think we should name her.

This seems to be her favorite thing to do: force us to pay attention to her.

6 thoughts on “What Do You Call A Stray Siamese Cat With Codependency Issues?

  1. We have a cat that showed up on our porch one day and never left. We call her Porch Kitty. We are so creative. Ooohahahaha.

    I’m sure in our house this kitty would just be Window Cat. Hehe.

  2. I don’t have a name suggestion, but this post made me think of this song:

    It’s a little before your time, but I love this song. It’s a happy memory from my childhood.;)

  3. Niki, I hadn’t heard that song in forever. It’s stuck in my head now, thanks.

    So far, suggested names have been:
    -Window Cat

    My wife’s been calling her Honey a lot though. I have a feeling that might stick.

  4. Victoria…I had an adorable fluff ball show up under my porch one day. It’s been 6 months of working with her. But now she watches me as much as I watch her. She’s a Siamese. They are amazing. They truly chose there owners and families. I love her so much. However she’s a tough cookie. And because she was stray I’m still working on getting her trapped to get her shots and fixed. Last time I tried she was a force of no other. So I wait. She’s getting older and I’m scared something’s going to happen. Everything is on their terms. She lets me keep her inside sometimes and I’m so happy to be woken with her vocal stories. Siamese are amazing

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