Les Hillsons Season 4 Starts Today

“I do.”
-Amandine Bastien (2008)

That’s right folks. It was our anniversary yesterday.  Three years now. That’s us on the right there at our wedding.

Here’s a quick rundown on how that turned out. Saturday night, at 19:00, I was off to the florist’s. This was not poor planning on my part – I had actually called before to know their hours, and had decided to get flowers at the last minute so that they’d be as fresh as possible on our anniversary (Sunday – everything is closed in France on Sunday).

I had thought to buy simply three white roses, one for each year of marriage. My father used to do the same for my mother, until the number of years of marriage rendered the gesture a little too expensive for my mother’s liking. Eventually I decided to get something more so as not to appear cheap – three roses was barely €5.

She ended up receiving a very large bouquet with a couple roses, a few very beautiful orchids, several white daisies with a single orange one thrown in and a couple other species I don’t know the names of.  On the walk home I had added in four particularly attractive clusters of tiny white flowers (yarrow, I believe) I’d found growing in the park.  I told her the two white roses represented the binary representation of the age of our marriage (11 = 3 in binary, if you didn’t get that).
Things generally went south from there for the rest of the day.  In finding a place to display the bouquet, a pitcher of water ended up being spilled across the table, floor and one of my sketchbooks – which thankfully wasn’t too wet aside from the covers.  Two daisies were also sacrificed in the mishap.

Then on the way out to dinner, we got on the wrong road in the wrong direction – in France, just because the place you want to go is off the left side of the highway, and you take the exit at that exact location (necessarily on the right), there is no guarantee that there will be a way for you to cross back over the highway and get to your destination. Shortly after, at a stoplight, I thought I noticed smoke from the hood. I couldn’t say for sure, but whether there was smoke quickly became irrelevant as a stench of engine fluids started coming from the car. We pulled over, but couldn’t find the source – all the reservoirs were full and no leaks were spotted. So we decided to limp it home and maybe try a restaurant along our path home. Unfortunately our stress levels were peaked and things were slightly less than cordial from there.

Sunday went much better though – I had expected to spend the day being upset with the wife, which is not the way I wanted to spend our anniversary. But, once she was up and awake, she surprised me with an apology. That’s all it took for me to forget that it ever happened, and the rest of the day was quite nice.

As most of you know, my wife and I originally met over Myspace. If you had a Myspace account, you’ll remember ‘Myspace Tom’, the default friend of everybody and site creator/owner. Well, I don’t have a Myspace account anymore, but I DO have a Google+ account. And so does Tom Anderson a.k.a. Myspace Tom. So this morning, I sent a message to Tom. And I got a reply. I’ll post all that in a short separate post tomorrow so as not to clutter this one up.

The restaurant where we had booked brunch called us to tell us they would not be opening today due to ‘technical difficulties’ which they had tried to resolve to the last possible minute. We ended up spending most of the day with Ami watching TV (she really wasn’t feeling well) and me playing some of the free online poker tournaments (I did pretty well and won a tiny bit of real world money out of it).

After all we ended up going to a restaurant we’d never heard of, but which was quite adequate, if not excellent.

So, Season (year) 4 starts now.  Hopefully it will be just as awesome as the last one, but with a lot less travel.


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