My Open Letter To Tom Anderson a.k.a. Myspace Tom

Here is the message I wrote to Myspace Tom over Google+ on my anniversary (Sunday), along with the short response from Tom:

Mr. Anderson,

First off, I know reading unsolicited messages from random strangers probably isn’t very high on your list of priorities or favorite activities, so thanks for taking the time.

I’ll just jump right in, shall I? Roughly 6 years ago, I had a myspace account; I didn’t use it for much – doing a funny survey here, posting funny images there, chatting up random strangers.

There was one particular stranger, a French girl, here in the U.S. for the short-term, working as an Au Pair. We chatted for a bit and eventually met up in real life at a local bar in Denver.

That was the start of a love affair that has included many trials, much international travel, very long distances, and more paperwork than I would like to remember.

The point of all this, Mr. Anderson, is that today is my wedding anniversary. I’m currently sitting in my living room in north France (it’s 10am), happy to be celebrating 3 years of marriage with the woman I love, and whom I met with your help.

So, Mr. Anderson, thank you.

Don Hillson


Tom Anderson – hi Donald that’s awesome, thank you 🙂 Luckily
there wasn’t too much traffic coming in a this hour, so I saw this one. Congrats!

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