Experimental Theism

This is a post that will make some of my friends hopeful, and make others wonder who hacked my WordPress account. Today I did something I’ve not done in a long while: I prayed.

I can’t say why I did it, other than that it felt like I should at that moment. There were no extraordinary happenings today, I was not in crisis nor emotionally overwhelmed.

There was nothing remarkable about the circumstances – in a car on our way to the mother-in-law’s (that, in and of itself, may be reason enough for some to pray).

Simply put, it felt right that I should pray. As for what I prayed about, it was about the circumstances that made me ‘lose my religion’, so to speak – mostly it was a prayer for understanding, if not acceptance.

So that’s that. You can take it at face value. I am not ‘re-born’ and have not ‘seen the light’. Maybe I will achieve understanding, perhaps not. Maybe it will feel right to pray again, perhaps not. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Experimental Theism

  1. As one of my friends says, “I like feeling small”. It’s nice to know there is Someone out there who does understand this Big Hot Mess we call life.

  2. Sometimes, blogging feels like praying to me…you know, just putting yourself out there and seeing what, if anything, comes back. I am glad you are my friend, no matter what you believe. I hope and pray the best for you.

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