I’m Too Lazy To Title This

There are many things that I can be said to be; some of these descriptors are more recently earned than others.

A man and, at times, a child. A husband and a soon-to-be father. An inexperienced teacher and an experienced student.

Somewhere on that list is ‘blogger’. But it doesn’t top the list, and it’s probably not in the top 10.

I often forget to post regularly. I leave a lot of blog posts half written, never posted. And sometimes, I forget that readers of my blog don’t have all of the details.

Recently, I was scrolling through my most recent posts and I realized that I’d left a gaping hole in the narrative.

A while back, I posted that I was going back to school in the field of network administration. Suddenly, or so it must seem to my readers, I am not going back to school.

So to fill in the gap, here’s what happened. The last contact with the school was the receipt of a dossier to be filled and returned in order to further my enrollment.

One of the requirements was a French translation of any diplomas earned and it is there that things stalled. The diploma was sent off, a phone call received, and then nothing.

For quite a while now, nothing.

I already hadn’t realistically expected to make it into school THIS year, and this just reinforced that. So it sort of fell by the wayside as other things came up.

But school is still on the to-do list, just not this year. And when I finally get my diploma back, I should have a good jump on next year.

And now, since I’m writing this, once again, on my cell phone on a crowded train, I’m going to wrap this up, say bye, and post again when I get to a computer tonight.


One thought on “I’m Too Lazy To Title This

  1. I’m impressed that you sometimes blog from your phone. I’m going to have to try that.

    Being an experienced student is a good thing. I always want to remain teachable and continue to learn new things.

    I had another idea for a creative writing project. I’ll run it by you when we chat again.

    Love to you, Ami, and Matthew. 🙂

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