16 Down!

It’s official. We’re more than halfway done with the October Challenge, Niki and I.

While she’s been admirably dedicated in getting a post up every single day, I’ve been more or less letting myself get behind and them posting in lump updates (but as of this moment, I am caught up).

And I can’t even use being sick as an excuse, because she’s sick too. She’s more sick. And yet she’s winning the October Challenge thing.

Oh well, I’ll have to try and do better in the second half – and I stole that image from her, so I feel a bit better. 😀

Hope you have been enjoying reading, whoever you are, and I hope you’ve also been checking out Niki’s blog. If you haven’t, why not do that now?

See you tomorrow.


One thought on “16 Down!

  1. At least you’re still hanging in there and posting. You could have said,”Nope. Not doing it.” So keep posting. Don’t give up. You have great stuff to say. And thanks for the blog love. I’ll return the favor. 🙂

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