Another Expat From San Diego

San Diego: Obviously a horrible place to live.

I have found another expatriate blog, by another expatriate (duh), also from San Diego. Apparently there’s something about San Diego that makes people just want to live somewhere else. Maybe it’s the brown cloud over El Cajon.

Anyway, I’ve been reading his blog for a week or two now, and I wanted to share it with you.

Bill Davis moved from San Diego to somewhere on an island called Palawan, which Wikipedia just told me is in the Philippines.

He talks about life there on the island, about the local culture, and the differences between their language and English. One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed reading is his “Wednesday Word” feature – fun to read, and very educational.

He’s also very good about responding to readers, so go check him out and definitely comment if you stick around.

You can find Bill’s blog here (or in my blogroll at right).


2 thoughts on “Another Expat From San Diego

  1. Hi, Don…

    Wow! Thanks for your encouraging words and for telling people about my blog. I’ve enjoyed yours, too, and have some more comments to make here in a minute.

    Maybe I should wish any potential readers bon apetit if they read my posts. No, wait… can’t do that.

    And thanks for showing the picture of that horrible place, San Diego.

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