Practicing Anatomy

I did a few sketches today, trying to get better at drawing human anatomy, specifically female anatomy. These are different from my normal sketches in that some of them were done without a reference photo at all, and others were only done with a look at a photo beforehand for the pose only.

Once I feel like I’ve nailed female figures, I’ll move onto males.

There’s some weird lighting in these photos – that’s because they’re cell phone pics (too lazy to scan) that I quickly touched up in Photoshop to make them more visible.

No reference for this one, neither for the pose, nor the drawing itself. Definite improvement.

This one was done a couple days ago at work. Not horrible, but not good.

A quick sketch of the pose from a 1950's pinup.
She doesn't really have hair, because it really wasn't important to the point of the exercise. Same with the facial features.
This was going to be a woman with a sword. Then I realized that the pose looked like a posed ballerina. So I scrapped it.

I’ve noticed that often in my drawings of women, I try to make any joints too delicate, and the hips and the legs too thin. This time around I made a deliberate effort to flesh them out and make sure that the joints were real and ‘there’, and that the legs were realistically rounded, but it’s something I’ll have to watch out for in future drawings.


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