A Snip Snip Here…


Last night, our dog M.J. dug up a plant and broke a pot. Today he went to the vet and had his balls chopped off. These two incidents are not at all related.

But the dog doesn’t know that.

Seen here wondering how come sleep suddenly seems like such a good idea, M.J. went to the vet early this morning, where a tech shot him up with sedatives.

We then went back to the waiting room and watched him become more and more tipsy, till finally the tech came and grabbed him, and he staggered drunkenly down the hall after her.

Apparently they nicknamed him their ‘singer’ because once he rapidly came out of anesthesia, he began to serenade the clinic.

Now he’s back home with a gigantic cone on his neck and a bandage on his penis. I feel so bad for him.

Hopefully, down the line this will help some of his behavioral issues. We shall see.


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