A Halloween Of A Different Sort


Well it’s Halloween tomorrow. My second Halloween on foreign soil.

If I still lived in the U.S., I’d have gone to a party today yesterday (depending on time zones) – the one thrown every year by my buds Morgen, whose name auto-corrects to ‘Mittens’, Stephy, and Mike.

It’s a great party, every year. And for the second year running, I’m sad to have missed it.

Had I attended the party, I’d have had some sort of costume to wear. The year before last I had Stephy splash my apron with paint and added some brushes and an overly bloody bandaged ear to go as Van Gogh. My wife went as the scary girl with long black hair from (insert name of Japanese horror franchise here).

I did dress up today. Not as a zombie or a vampire, but as a Dad.

This afternoon, Serge and Gisèle came over and helped us to do most of the wallpaper in the smaller room of our new apartment, henceforth known as ‘little Matthew’s room’.

It’s quite cute – there are little bears all over, and there will be pictures when it’s finished. It’s still very strange to say “baby’s room”, but not quite as weird as saying “my son’s room”.

Sorry for the disjointed flow of this post, but it’s late and I’m once again blogging from my cell phone, so deal. 😛


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