And There Was Much Rejoicing


Well, it’s my 31st post for October, which means the October Challenge is over and it’s time for the obligatory recap post.

I know, I’m as excited as you, but what can you do? It’s procedure, you know – my hands are tied.

So at the urging of my friend Niki, I agreed to join her in writing at least one post every day for the month of October. She managed this perfectly, posting as regularly as a beating heart.

My posts, however, had a rythm more akin to the heart of a speed freak slurping energy drinks while skydiving – that is, there’d be one, then nothing, then three at once.

Nevertheless, today is the 31st and this is my 31st October post, which means that I (more or less) did it: there is a post on my blog for every day this month.

I must admit, I had some fun, despite having a couple days where blogging sounded like torture.

So now it’s time for a more objective, concrete look back at the month:
-Doubled # of subscribers
-Set new record for views in a day
-Set new record (by far) for views in a month

There are still a few blog posts planned that I wasn’t able to get to this month – they’ll be coming when we get an internet connection at the new place.

Also, tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures of the room we finished today for baby Matthew (who is due on Jan. 13 for those who’ve been asking).


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