October RE-CLUTTERING Challenge


Eight years ago or so, I was homeless.

It was partly because life doesn’t always work out like you expect. It was also partly because, eight years ago, I was a dumbass.

But I was homeless; what I owned was what I carried in my pockets and where I lived was where I sat down.

Eventually, with the help of organizations like Dry Bones, I got a job and rented a small studio apartment with my friend Shawn.

Fast forward to today – my wife and I just moved into a two-bedroom apartment, the living room of which is, by itself, bigger than that old studio.

My friend Niki does what she calls “de-cluttering” challenges where she tosses out all sorts of stuff she has laying around, with the goal of streamlining her life.

This holiday weekend, the wife and I are doing the opposite: we are RE-cluttering. All of our clutter is more or less coralled in boxes and bags, but it shouldn’t take much more than a days work to set it free so that it may frolic on the wild untamed surfaces of our apartment.

And hopefully, it will reproduce and start a family of clutters. Because I like my clutter, you see. I’ve done my time with a ‘stream-lined’ life. Now is the time for me to build some clutter. To everything there is a season, and all that.

Before we can re-clutter though, we need to paint and wallpaper. That’s what we’re doing today. And maybe tomorrow.

The color we had picked for the bedroom turned out to be much more ‘zombie flesh grey’ than we had expected, so we’re going to have to go paint shopping again.

But we’re nearly done, and I should get back to it.


6 thoughts on “October RE-CLUTTERING Challenge

  1. LOL Re-cluttering. I love it. That’s an EASY challenge!

    I wish I could say that I’ve lead a streamlined life and I’m desperately trying to get back there, but the truth is that my entire life has been one of clutter and mess. I cling to the ideal that I won’t always have to clean up everyone’s extra crap – including my own.

    We met almost 7 years ago when you were on the verge of not being homeless and I was working for Dry Bones (A little history for our combined readers.) So, I’ve been de-cluttering since before we became friends. The challeneges I’ve taken on this year have been more fun with you joining me in a few of them. Life is easier when tackled with a friend. (Sheesh – I’m sounding like a Hallmark card.) And today marks the last day of the post-a-day challenge. We did it! Challenge accepted and mission accomplished. Thanks for spurring me on.

    As for your re-cluttering project, I wish I was there to paint and help you both get settled into your new home. Little Matthew’s room will be awesome. You and Ami will enjoy your combined clutter that will feel “homey”, and if the day comes when you’re feeling overwhelmed, my 2011 challenge will remind you that it’s possible to de-clutter a little bit at a time…even for a family of 5.

  2. I am right in the middle between you guys. I want less stuff in my life. But the stuff I have I want out where I can use it and have it serve its purpose. I have wayyy too many packed boxes full of useful stuff that I might get to someday. sigh.
    So, for me the challenge is to evaluate what I have, decide if I need it or even want it, then get it out for use or pass it on.
    I have to tell my people…just because it is good stuff does NOT mean it needs to live at our house. Release it to bless others.

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