The Wife’s Birthday


Let me assure you that I’ve neither dropped of the face of the earth nor given up on this blog.

But we’ve recently moved, as previously mentioned, and haven’t gotten internet connected yet (their customer service is sloooow…).

So until we DO get it hooked up, I’ll be blogging solely from my cell phone, which is a lot more work than blogging normally. Consequently, there probably won’t be too many posts until internet is connected. But once it is, I’ve got some good stuff planned.

As many of you will know, it was recently my wife’s birthday. To celebrate, we went out to dinner at a random little Mexican restaurant we passed by near the train station.

You might imagine that this far from the Americas, good Mexican food is hard to find. And you’d be right. But we’ve been missing it so much, we’d try any restaurant.

From the moment we stepped inside, it was encouraging. The decor was right, the menu items looked right – and when the food came, it was SOOOO right.

Not perfectly on the money, but quite close, and quite excellent. The burrito was juicy, shredded (NOT GROUND!) beef in a slightly crispy tortilla topped with red sauce and sour cream, the frijoles were (apparently) prepared on site, and the rice was so good that we (I) got two boxes of it to go.

The owner was our waiter, and was very eager to serve good Mexican food. When the wife let slip our ‘Mexican-food-eating credentials’ :P, he stayed and chatted, wanting to know our opinions.

He brought me a complimentary margarita as well as a tequila shot (with salt and lime) after my meal.

I had the pecan pie for desert. Sadly, it wasn’t as incredible as everything else. And for the birthday girl, there was the normal birthday desert with a candle. AND A FIREWORK (see pic).


Bottom line, if you happen to find yourself wanting Mexican food in the north of France, or just great food in general, head to Salsa Mexicana in Lens.

We’ll be going back once we run out of rice.


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