I Am A Lazy Blogger

It’s been a relatively long time since I’ve posted anything, and while nothing has happened on the blog, plenty has happened in the real world.

 First, Ami and I went and picked up a couple of new computers on Thanksgiving. She really wanted a desktop this time around for durability and longevity, as well as price. I wanted a laptop for portability. So we got Ami a mini Acer tower with a nice big screen, and we got me a Packard Bell EasyNote.
For the price paid, mine’s a pretty decent setup, with a 500GB drive, 4GB RAM, i3 processor and NVIDIA graphics. I’ve played a few games and downloaded a few Blu-ray rips, which play perfectly. I had it out of the box immediately and started getting it set up the way I want – which means removing some of the installed stuff (like Norton [see also: herpes]) and installing a ton of free and generally open-source stuff.

The only problem is that it came installed with Windows 7. In French. And the keyboard layout is French as well (AZERTY as opposed to QWERTY) – so if you see some mistakes on my blog in coming posts, it’s the keyboard.

Ami’s computer stayed in the box until just a day or two ago – I put it all together for her in the bedroom and installed a toned-down version of the same list of software I put on mine. I also helpfully bookmarked my blog. I was surprised to notice that despite being marked as having a TB drive, it actually has two .5 TB drives. Shouldn’t be a problem, but interesting nonetheless.

 In other news, meet Vincent.

Vincent is a Yellow-Bellied Slider (trachemys scripta scripta)very similar to Red-Eared Sliders. We think Vincent is female, but I wanted to name it Vincent.

We have a soft spot for slider turtles in this house. Years ago, we got a pair of tiny sliders from a street-vendor at a fair in Denver.

When we stopped at the pet store on our way home, we got a bit of a surprise: we had purchased babies (it’s actually illegal to sell the babies, since it’s bad for the turtles, and deceptive on the part of the seller). As adults, they would grow to be a whopping foot wide!

Nonetheless, we dutifully bought a nice big aquarium and all the necessaries. We also got another surprise when the ten-cent feeder fish started disappearing: slider turtles are adorably (and ravenously) carnivorous. Eventually though, for reasons relating to international travel, we had to part with them.

Since then, we hadn’t seen anyone selling them. Until Saturday.

Vincent is about 2 months old, roughly 1.5 inches across, quite active, and handles a pair of nunchucks quite expertly. So far she has refused all the dried shrimp we’ve offered her, but she might just still be adjusting.


In the last of the big news, Ami and I have been out looking at “family cars”. We found one we think we like, and should be able to pay for it all up front, which would avoid adding more monthly payments to our name. We’ll be selling the old one, so if you’re in the 62 or 59 and are interested in a used Renault Clio, drop me a line ;).

As a side note: most of my students got lessons on Thanksgiving last week. They learned a lot of new vocab words and phrases such as mashed potatoes, pecan pie, and pardoning the turkey. It was fun taking the chance to share such a big part of my culture, and fun to see it through their eyes.

The rest of the news: the pregnancy is proceeding normally (i.e. nothing to report), I start driving lessons Saturday, and the WSI center will be adding a new teacher soon, resulting in less work for me (with the same salary) and another American in the center. Too bad she’s from New Jersey (kidding, kidding).

That’s it for now, and hopefully I’ll have something else up soon. I’ve had a lot of interesting ideas, just not the mental energy to put them up. So here’s hoping. Ciao.


2 thoughts on “I Am A Lazy Blogger

  1. Congrats on the new computers. I want to see the French keyboard. Norton=herpes=truth. Tell Vincent I think she’s pretty. Glad the pregnancy is going great. Family cars are under-appreciated for the hauling space. 😉

  2. I always looked askance at the virus software companies, figuring that the engineers who wrote the code to fine and eliminate viruses might be the some ones who develop the viruses in the first place. Job security, ya know?

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