Show Off Your Adorable Babies

EDIT: Evidently the links were broken. They have now been fixed and should take you straight to the page.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife told me to go to a website and vote for our son Matthew. At first I thought she had posted his picture on some sort of photo rating website for babies – sort of like Hot Or Not with fewer skanky girls but just as much drool.

Turns out she hadn’t; it was a contest. “However,” thought I, “that would maybe be fun to put his picture on a site like that. I bet he’d do well.” Don’t all parents think their baby is the cutest?

But Googling for such a site returned nothing of value; I found only a couple of sites that hadn’t been visited in many years.

So what is a young man with moderate computer skills to do when he can’t find a website like the one he wants? Build it, of course.

And after four days of pounding on my keyboard (I’ll spare you the boring technical bits), I give you “How Cute Is My Baby?” (hopefully soon, “How Cute Is My

Despite what you may think from the name, it’s not about MY baby. It’s about cute babies. Hopefully lots of them.

The idea is that parents can upload a picture of their baby being cute or adorable, and then other people can vote them 1 through 10 ‘bottles’, 10 being the cutest. You can also send people the link so they can vote for your baby.

At the moment, there are only two pictures which are of my son. This is because the content is intended to be uploaded by the users and, aside from a very, very small test audience, you’re the first people I’ve told about it.

So go check it out! Click around a bit, vote on some photos, maybe upload some of your own, and have fun. And if you enjoy it, please tell a friend.

The “Ten Cutest” page will display the ten highest voted pictures, updated automatically, and will be up soon (not enough content at the moment). I’m also currently working on some blog badges to put on your blog or site if you like (thanks again for that suggestion, Niki).

If you have any feedback, there’s a contact page on the site, or you can of course comment here.