Baby Matthew’s Double Firsts This Week

Well this is turning into a daddy blog, isn’t it?

This week, little Matthew, who is just reaching four months, has hit two important little landmarks.

The first is that he has reached the age where he can enjoy some mushy gooey baby foods in small amounts. So we got a couple different fruit types and some rubbery baby spoons (why is everything Disney?) from the store.

As soon as we got home, Ami had him in his highchair with his bib on, ready to try some apple. For some reason she didn’t tell me she was doing it so that I could take pictures (first food is important, no?), but I got there on time with the camera (but just barely).

As you can see, he wasn’t quite sure what to make sure of the appley mushiness.

The second is that he has a tooth poking out. And when I say poking, I do mean poking. It’s just a tiny dab of white that’s clear of the gums, but it seems to be enough to cause him a great deal of pain on occasion, and every now and then he’ll be inconsolable.

Putting pressure on the tooth seems to help a little bit temporarily, but it comes back pretty quickly once the pressure is gone (although he tries to do it himself afterward, he’s not very good at it).

Thankfully we still have some baby Doliprane suppositories [Doliprane is a brand name of paracetamol, known as acetaminophen in the U.S., which most of my readers know and love as Tylenol]. About fifteen minutes after getting a Tylenol up the rear, he’ll forget all about the pain and be back to his cheery self.

Do any of you have any ace remedies for teething pains? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Baby Matthew’s Double Firsts This Week

  1. Teething’s a terror! See if you can’t find some Orajel (or the overseas equivalent), especially for when the molars push in.

    • Thanks for the advice :)! We went and picked up some chamomile stuff to dissolve in water and, if all else fails, some infant-safe generic Orajel.

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