30 Day Drawing Challenge: Favorite Candy

Day 10 is draw your favorite candy. I’m a big fan of candy. I love it, and would inhale it if I could do so and still live a healthy life.

As for my favorite candy, the candy I chose is actually tied with sour gummy worms. No particular brand, just mouth puckering gummies that fortunately happen to be shaped like creepy crawlies I cut open in middle school (don’t give me that look! It was in Biology class!).

I’m very unsatisfied with the quality of my drawing tonight, but to tell the truth I drew it in a hurry only by the light of my laptop screen. Mostly I screwed up the logo.

I decided to add some equally and deliberately messy color in GIMP, just for fun.

You see, for me, Smarties being candy is actually their tertiary purpose, and I get around to it eventually. But first, I lovingly unwrap the cellophane and sort all of the little discs into groups by color. Then I count them. I would always prefer to have an even distribution across the colors, but I never do. Occasionally, I’ll figure out what percentage blue I have, or figure out what the average stack is.

Secondarily, I like to build things with them. Usually pyramids. I love it when I can make a pyramid with each layer being one solid and separate color. It’s usually not possible.

Finally, I’ll get around to eating them, but not in any old way. First I eat any odd numbered pieces, so all stacks are even numbers. Then the largest stack disappears. Then the second largest, and so on and so forth.

How I love Smarties (and sometimes, I do just open the package and eat them, like a “normal” person).

With the gummy worms, there is no such ceremony. Package is open, worms are in mouth, I am happy. I’m not always weird.

And that’s it for today. Tomorrow’s post will be better. Yesterday’s was better – check it out.

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9 out of 10 commentors agree: commenting is fun and easy! Give it a try down below – I put a comment form there, just for you. 


8 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Favorite Candy

  1. mmm…love me some gummy worms. We used to pretend that Smarties were medicine. Apparently it was the spoonful of sugar part. 😉 Nicely done.

    • I also used to pretend they were medicine when I was little – on the rarest of occasions, I still do.

  2. Love it! I wrote more sentimentally, but you reminded me of the M&M wars I would have… Saving the package champion for the very last. So comforting to know we’re not alone in our oddities 😀

  3. Sometimes I like to put the entire package in my mouth at once. (minus the wrapper of course) For some reason, smarties make you drool like a beast.
    I like the kid quality of your picture.

  4. Smarties are one of the most prized of Halloween candies. My favorite would have to be those awful Circus Peanuts, though. When they’re good and stale, the way Grandma gave’em to me! 😉

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