30 Day Drawing Challenge: Most Recent Accomplishment

The drawing challenge for today, Day 12, was my ‘Most Recent Accomplishment’. Now, I should warn you before we continue that to do today’s challenge, I had to photograph a body part of mine and draw it into my drawing. It just wouldn’t have been complete otherwise.

This was an interesting challenge, because I haven’t felt very accomplished as of late. In fact, it’s been a while since I could say I’ve felt like I had an all out victory.

But there have been small moments of victory. Such as:

See? I told you I drew a body part. Those are my freakish feet there. Don’t try to pretend yours look any better.

The context for this drawing is probably what you imagine it is. My wife told me that she was going to go on a weight loss plan to lose the baby weight, and so I decided to join in to support her. When I moved to France 2 years ago, I weighed about 113kg, or about 250lb (1kg ~ 2.2lbs). When I decided to join my wife in her weight loss program, I was 103kg (227lb) – a healthy weight for my height is in the 80s (I picked 88kg as my goal). So I had around 15 kilos to lose.

After about a little more than a week and a half of watching what I ate and exercising every day (long, brisk walks), I saw this number. It wasn’t a huge victory, but 5kg (11lb) is a third of the way to my goal, and it’s definitely an accomplishment, no matter the size.

Also, the wife, as of last weigh-in, is down 3kg.

Did you know there are other bloggers doing this challenge with me? Have a look:
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Every time you read a blog post and don’t comment, God kills a krill. Think of the krill! Give it a try down below – I put a comment form there, just for you.


5 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Most Recent Accomplishment

  1. I also had to photograph a body part.
    Weigh (had to do it) to go on the weight loss. That is really tough to do. And major kudos for supporting the wife!

    • It takes guts to put body parts online, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for the kudos. No thanks for the pun though. ::groaaaaaan:: 😀

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