30 Day Drawing Challenge: Favorite Fairytale

Day 14: Favorite Fairytale. Now, when we started this challenge, I set myself the voluntary restriction that I would try not to recycle old artwork, and instead create something new for every drawing in this challenge. Today, I find I’m going to have to break that rule, because I’m just too wiped to draw you something new.

Now generally, I’m not a huge fan of fairytales – or at least I thought I wasn’t, until I expanded my definition slightly. Using the expanded definition, I’ve settled on The Princess And The Frog, which is definitely on my list of top animated movies.

For those who will argue that it is not, in fact, a fairy tale, I’ll quote you the first ten words of the IMDB summary on it: “A fairy tale set in Jazz Age-era New Orleans…”. Boom – lawyered.

A little over a year ago, I got to thinking that when I had a kid, I could create coloring books for him/her, instead of going out and buying them.

So I broke out Photoshop and a movie still of the charismatic Dr. Facilier and got to work; I dare say I proved myself right.

A rarity for me, this particular drawing was done entirely digitally, using the paths tool (and the brush tool to stroke the path) in Photoshop [do you have any idea how horrible it is to draw on a trackpad?].

To my followers who got more than one email for this post, I’d like to apologize. The post wasn’t showing up in the WordPress topics pages, so I reposted it to try and get it to show up there (I felt it was important since that’s where about half of my readers come from). The problem was that the original post had too many tags. Now I know for next time and there should be no more multiple emails.

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A comment a day keeps the doctor away! Give it a try down below – I put a comment form there, just for you.

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