30 Day Drawing Challenge: Family Picture

Day 15: Family Picture. This drawing is two days late. Apologies to my readers, but two days ago I just couldn’t get in the mindset, and last night I had an interview to prepare for instead of drawing. But tonight, I’m trying to catch up.

So here is my family picture. This is the day Matthew was born, not five minutes after actually. In the photo version, I’m in the picture, but you’ll notice I’m not in the drawing.

A) I don’t really like drawing myself.
B) It said Family. I am not my family. I am me. I am one in a krillion.

It’s a bit faint, so click if you want to see it bigger.

I rarely say this, but I’m very satisfied with, and proud of, this drawing. My wife looks beautiful, and my son looks adorable.

This was my first drawing in the brand new sketchbook I bought today to replace the old one I just filled up. Spiral bound, so the pages lay flat while I’m drawing (instead of puffing up like a book), and perfed pages so they’re easy to rip out and scan (or frame… maybe… possibly… ok, no). I find the pages scan a little yellow, but a quick color correction in Photoshop takes care of that.

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A comment a day keeps the doctor away! Give it a try down below – I put a comment form there, just for you.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Family Picture

  1. Great pic! I couldn’t get in the mood for this one, either, but you pulled it together admirably.

    • Why thankya kindly! I didn’t think I felt in the mood to draw faces (dunno about you, but they take it out of me sometimes), and I actually put a good amount of energy into finding some other way of representing my family, preferably funny or clever.

      But as I started drawing, I started thinking, ‘Hey, that looks ok!’. ‘Ok’ turned into ‘pretty good’, which turned into ‘I like this’.

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