30 Day Drawing Challenge: Inspiration

Day 16: Inspiration. There’s not much to say about this one. I’m willing to bet you don’t need my help interpreting it.

I decided to do it in 3 point perspective, just because a plain old question mark would be boring and a bit lazy (and it was a good chance to use my new cheapy ruler). There ya go.

Five other bloggers are doing this challenge with me – have a look:
Niki Nowell
Zoe Nowell
Max Nowell

A comment a day keeps the doctor away! Give it a try down below – I put a comment form there, just for you.


6 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I really like drawing in perspective like that. Good job avoiding the topic. (I speak with no malice)
    Honestly, as hard as inspiration was…just a doodle seems even harder. Maybe I am over thinking it.

    • It wasn’t meant to avoid the topic. I can never find inspiration when I want it, hence: question mark.

      • oh. well, I guess I was just projecting. still…nice drawing. In looking closer I realized the three point you mentioned. I haven’t done 3 point. I may have to try it. Maybe I can do a three point doodle and you can be flattered!

      • Yeah, I didn’t exaggerate the perspective for the third point too much, so it’s a bit hard to notice. Still though, three point is fun.

        If you’re really feeling insane, you can try four point… lol

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