30 Day Drawing Challenge: Just A Doodle

Day 18 is ‘Just A Doodle’. If you look ‘doodle’ up in the dictionary, the noun form is defined as “a rough drawing made absentmindedly”. The problem here is that I didn’t know if I could deliberately draw absentmindedly. Seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms.

I tried to force myself to be absentminded. It doesn’t work so well. What I ended up doing was to do a “warm-up” sketch first, then afterwards just draw whatever came to mind.

The warm-up sketch.

Quick explanation. This is a Geneva Drive (or Geneva Mechanism, or Maltese Cross Drive/Mechanism). Here’s an article on how they work, along with a fun-to-watch animation. I find things like this fascinating because they’re so incredibly simple, yet so incredibly genius and completely effective at what they do. They’re as close to an ideal solution as possible for their particular purpose (this one converts a constant rotation into intermittent rotation).

Now, the doodle:

I included the “Stussy” S because I used to draw it all the time in school [side note: despite many people calling this the “Stussy” S, it actually predates the brand – anyone know where it comes from?].
And now, I am officially caught up on my drawings. Yay.

Other bloggers are doing this challenge with me – have a look:
Niki Nowell

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Just A Doodle

    • Because of the pyramid? I’ve never actually played Qbert – is it good?

      And I know for a fact that Niki is working on drawings at this very moment. πŸ˜€

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