30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something New” [New Technique]

Day 19 is on the list as “Something New” – not exactly clear, so I discussed it briefly with my wife.

“Today’s topic is ‘Something New’.”
“Something New? Let me guess, tomorrow is ‘Something Blue’?”
“Nope. Something Orange.”

Should I draw something materially new? Fresh from the store? I could draw just about anything and tell you it was new. Should I draw something new in the sense that I’ve never drawn it before, so it’s “new” to draw it?

I decided I’d try a new technique today.

The knowledge of the technique is not new to me, but I’ve never tried it before, and here’s why:
In school, my art teachers would occasionally decide to show us a technique called “stippling“, alternately “lots of freakin’ dots“, where you create tones and shapes using simple dots.

And every time, I thought “Ugh, that looks horrid. Why would you want to do that?!”. Recently though, after seeing some really excellent and beautiful examples of stippling, I’ve concluded that I formed an erroneous conclusion about stippling based on the simple fact that every single one of my art teachers happened to be really bad at it [there’s a couple great examples on the Wikipedia article here].

If any of my old art teachers are reading this, sorry, you were good at everything else though.

So here’s my first attempts at stippling; I made a deliberate effort not to draw outlines with overlapping dots (because that would be more “making lines” than “making dots”) and instead tried to work in little chunks.

The apple was first, then the cube, then the sphere.

I used a medium tip felt pen on the back of an old cover letter (I didn’t want to risk bleed-through in my new sketchbook). Surprisingly, this is actually a really fun way to draw, although I obviously need more work on creating specific tones with my dots.

It’s slightly more time-consuming than drawing normally, but not much more. I also find myself wondering about the possibilities of ASCII art stippling using periods and colons.

Also, I’ve stumbled across another blogger doing the 30-Day Challenge, but she’s closer to the beginning (although not really; she says she’s blogging on a 10-day delay). I asked her permission to link to her and got it, so you can find her blog in the links at the bottom.

My friend Niki tells me if you read a blog post and don’t comment, it makes Jesus weep. Don’t make Jesus weep – there’s an easy to use comment form down below.

Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who are doing this challenge with me:
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5 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something New” [New Technique]

  1. Does He weep if there are already 65 comments? Cuz usually I don’t waste my time there. Other than that tho I think it must be true. I really like comments. I am going to try some shameless begging. Does it work for you? ;-P
    I really like what you drew! This style terrifies me.

    • So far the shameless begging doesn’t work too well, it would seem. Blogging articles say that to increase participation, you should directly ask people to comment. So I started doing that, in my own way.

      Why does this style terrify you?

      • Shading in itself is daunting to me unless it is in sketch mode. I don’t know, the dots just look overwhelming. When I think about doing that in color…gasp.

      • I was always scared of (and pretty bad at) shading; eventually I asked one of my artist friends who is leagues better than me to help me.

        He drew me up some practice sheets on shading basic objects: cubes, cones, spheres, etc, then a couple of organic shapes. It helped me immensely.

  2. I don’t have trouble shading the parts that are supposed to be dark. It is the transition and handling the highlights that gives me the tremors.

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