30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something Orange”

Here we are at Day 20 already, “Something Orange”. This one is definitely less ambiguous than a lot of the other prompts, although I had to force myself NOT to draw an orange.

I thought I’d give stippling a try again because, as I said in yesterday’s post, it’s actually pretty fun. It is time-consuming though – this drawing wasn’t as big as a postcard and it still took an hour.

I’m getting a little better at getting the right tones, but my technique still needs a lot of work.

Since I don’t have any orange markers, this was actually a red medium tip felt pen in my sketchbook; I replaced the color in Photoshop.

Also, I’ve stumbled across another blogger doing the 30-Day Challenge, but she’s closer to the beginning (although not really; she says she’s blogging on a 10-day delay). I asked her permission to link to her and got it, so you can find her blog in the links at the bottom.

My friend Niki tells me if you read a blog post and don’t comment, it makes baby Jesus weep. Don’t make baby Jesus weep – there’s an easy to use comment form down below.

Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who are doing this challenge with me:
Niki Nowell
Notes From The Backseat


7 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something Orange”

  1. I believe what I said was, “not leaving a comment will make baby Jesus cry. You don’t want to make baby Jesus cry, do you?” 😛

    • Thanks. There was a whole lot of squinting and viewing from faraway involved. 😀 (It’s amazing though how a single dot can completely change the tone of a segment.)

  2. Well, I can’t make baby Jesus cry… Nice work! Pointilism is definitely not the easiest technique to master.

    • Actually, I just found out: “stippling is similar to, but distinct from, pointillism”.

      Stippling is little dots of the same color, and pointillism is where dots of different colors simulate blended colors.

      The more you know…

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