30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something You Want”

Day 21: “Something You Want”. As a continuation of my ‘stipple streak’, here is my drawing for today.

(Correction: In a previous post, I referred to stippling and pointillism as being two names for the same technique. They are in fact distinct techniques in that stippling uses one color to produce tone, and pointillism uses dots of multiple colors to simulate blending.)

I’m still not sure that adding in the red was a good idea – it seems to have made a lot of the tone in the shading disappear.

When my wife first saw this drawing, there seemed to be some confusion over what it was (although she saw it sideways), so if you’re having trouble, it’s a collar and tie.

And no, I don’t want a tie – not a red one and definitely not a pink one. I want a job. An office job. Simple.

Reader poll: What’s your favorite kind of tie? Silk? Cotton? Pinstripe? Polka dot? Tell me in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Something You Want”

  1. I’m increasingly impressed with your stippling technique. And the amount of patience that must take! Love the tie. I’m a bow tie fan myself. Bow ties are cool. Just ask Dr. Who! đŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It does take a bit of patience, and I am really trying to better my technique, but as I mentioned to you earlier, it’s nigh impossible to find decent instructional materials for the method, so it’s really just trial and error at this point.

      Who knew making dots could be so hard, huh?

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