30 Day Drawing Challenge: “Someone You Love”

Day 27: Someone you love.

Here again, I’m afraid I’m going to have to recycle artwork. My apologies, but I’m just not in the right place to give this subject the attention it deserves if I were to try and draw it fresh.

As you might gather, this is my wife and son, and it is in fact drawn from a photo just after his birth.

My wife: I love her. I do. In a deep, stubborn sort of way. There are many times when I don’t like her, and other times when I feel (stress the word feel) like I might hate her, but I always truly do love her, at every moment. But that’s what it’s like when you love someone. You don’t love someone because they’re perfect and don’t make mistakes. You love them despite their mistakes and imperfections. Even if you want to strangle them.

Now my son, Matthew, that’s a different story. That there is pure, unqualified, unmitigated love. The little man is 8 months old in a few days – he has not made a single mistake in his life. He is still completely pure and innocent, and so is his love and my love for him.

And he does love me. Even at 8 months, he understands love. I see it in the huge joyful smiles he flashes when I go to pick him up from his nanny’s, and the way he plays with me and the way he cries when I (or the wife) leave the room, even for a second.

So for those reasons, I’m reusing my drawing of my beautiful wife and my equally beautiful son. Deal with it.

It’s a bit faint, so click if you want to see it bigger.

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