30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Congrats Banner For Finishing”

Last day of the challenge. Day 30. The topic is to draw a congrats banner for having finished.

The problem is that I haven’t been feeling very congratulatory as of late, and even less so self-congratulatory. So I’m sorry to say this one got no real effort or enthusiasm. It felt obligatory. It looks obligatory.


Continuing the theme of obligation, there’s generally a wrap-up type post on the last day, so here’s that:

-I did reach my goal of finishing the challenge on time, but several drawings were done late (although as many were done just as early), and I reused prior artwork twice. I’m ok with that – not everyday is an inspired drawing day.

-The number of people subscribed to my blog has more than doubled, and a new record was set for blog views in one day.

-I discovered a new drawing/shading style: stippling. I am in love.


I accidentally stumbled across a second and third “30-Day Drawing Challenge” list, so I have 60 more days on those, but blogger friend Niki says she’s picking the next challenge, so I’ll keep those rotting in my downloads folder for now.

Other participants:
Niki Nowell
Notes From The Backseat


5 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Congrats Banner For Finishing”

  1. Way to go! I do intend to finish but i have a head cold at present. Bet you didn’t know that snot destroys brain cells…or at least smothers them. So, check back with me sometime if you are interested in the finish. I am glad to have gotten to know you a bit. See you around!

    • Hey, wait a minute – you don’t wear a hat…

      And I saw on Facebook you were saying you were going to finish in 40 days instead of 30, so you still have just more than a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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