30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Place You Want To Go”

Day 29. Almost finished. Today is “A Place You Want To Go”.

I’ve made a simple puzzle out of today’s drawing. The picture contains the name of the place, and I’ll give you the solution. It’s to you to figure out how it contains that name (it’s not too hard).

My place is Denver. The reason for that is not only that I miss all of my friends there, but that I very much want to them all to meet my son. My son has been introduced to all of my wife’s friends, her family, her family’s friends, her friend’s families, etc., but he has yet to be introduced in person to any of my friends or family. I hope someday soon they’ll all get to meet him.

Know how the drawing contains the word “Denver”? Brag in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Place You Want To Go”

    • Ok, I guess no one’s playing my little game, so here’s the solution.

      Each of the little rectangles of six dots represents a Braille numeral. If you read them off in a clockwise spiral from the top left you get:
      04 05 14 22 05 18
      D E N V E R

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