30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 2: Favorite Sport

9_ballToday’s topic was Favorite Sport. I can think of many competitive endeavors that I love, but not many of them qualify as a sport. In addition to competition, we generally think of sports as having some level of physicality involved (which is why we have such a hard time accepting bowling as a legitimate sport 😉 ).

Originally, this was going to be a drawing of a Beretta M92, as one of the actual sports I enjoy is airsoft. If you’re not familiar with airsoft, picture paintball with realistic weapons that fire plastic BBs. War games basically. I’ve only been able to go and do it once, but it was fantastic (though painful). [The airsoft gun I owned, before it was taken away by U.S. Customs, was a beautiful, all-metal, field-strippable, green-gas powered, M92 replica – hence the planned drawing]

However, I realized I had another sport I loved, and it was one that would be vastly easier to draw: Billiards. While I love 8-ball, I prefer 9-ball since it requires slightly more skill (note that I’m not claiming any level of skill at it, however). So here it is: a 9 ball.

Be sure to check out the other participants (who will hopefully start posting drawings soon… )


Our other participants:
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Karen Haines (no url provided; will update)


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