30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 3: First Mode Of Transportation

transportationToday’s full prompt was actually “First car/bike/mode of transportation”. But I couldn’t remember what my first car was, other than that it was a 4-door POS. Well, no problem, I thought; I’ll just draw my first bike. But I couldn’t remember the specifics of my first bike. I have a very bad memory.

However, I did figure something out with the last part: mode of transportation. Being an upright, bipedal, normally developed specimen of homo sapiens, I feel I can be reasonably sure that my first mode of transportation was my own two feet – we can be certain (or at least hope) that I learned to walk before riding a bike or driving a car. Therefore, footprints. But you may be wondering about the squiggles on the right. Go ahead and try to guess what those are before you scroll down. It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Those squiggles are because, while most humans learn to walk before they learn to drive or ride a bike, it’s not actually their first way of getting around. Most learn the army crawl first. Some never crawl. They hop. They slide. Some go straight to walking. Those squiggles are the pattern of tracks left behind by a sidewinder snake, a curious snake that, rather than slither forward, slithers sideways in an S, only contacting the ground specific points, and therefore moving sideways. I put them there because my father told me that when they adopted me, although I was capable of walking, I apparently preferred to roll my way around. Sideways. Like a sidewinder. Get it?


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4 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 3: First Mode Of Transportation

    • Ours is just past. He’s in the “walking/running everywhere and touching everything he knows he shouldn’t” phase at the moment.

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