30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 6 [late]: Favorite Drink


Day 6: Favorite drink. Yesterday, I thought instead of drawing a picture of my favorite drink, I would try drawing a picture with my favorite drink. So, no longer feeling the need to be restricted to drawings of drinks, I wanted to draw something that would represent my emotional connection or conception of that drink. Unfortunately, I didn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t require a long, drawn out explanation.

Then we ended up going out to a great party and coming home very very late, so I didn’t get the drawing done until this morning, and, being slightly hungover, I felt I’d rather just do a quickie and post it. So here you have my favorite drink: coffee.

There was a time this would have been about Dr. Pepper, but that’s no longer my favorite drink, due in part to Dr. Pepper cruelly turning a blind eye to my obvious suffering.

On Day 5, I challenged readers to figure out my favorite movie, based on the drawing I drew. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame seemed to be a popular guess, but a couple guessed that the correct answer was in fact Labyrinth, released in 1986, starring Jennifer Connelly, the incredible work of Jim Henson, and David Bowie’s crotch.

Day 7 should be posted later on today.


Our other participants:
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One thought on “30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 6 [late]: Favorite Drink

  1. Coffee should have been mine, since without morning coffee, I would never survive long enough to enjoy the bicycle-based beverage I illustrated! We have two pen and inks drawings by a chef in Manila which he crated using espresso as the “ink”!

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