30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 11: Last Request if the World Was Ending

Solar System
This is in no way scientifically, astronomically, or even geometrically accurate. Deal with it.

I tried to think of all the possible things that could bring the world to an end. I came up with:

  • Vogon constructor fleets
  • Death Stars
  • Asteroids the size of Texas
  • Galactus
  • Pole Reversal
  • Angry deity
  • VGER / Alien probe sent to contact extinct humpback whales
  • Us (seriously, humanity has the power exterminate all life on this planet, including us)
  • Mayan Prophecy

I’ll assume this prompt is talking about imminent destruction in the immediate future, but really it isn’t clear.

Anyway, we’re basically looking at 3 types of scenarios here. One is that the Earth is about to end because of some sentient being who has decided to listen to requests from the condemned before he/she blows the planet up, and will honor the request. Another is the same sentient being, except they will not honor requests. And the last is destruction due to an inanimate object, in which case the request is irrelevant.

Which of the 3 scenarios it is doesn’t change my request. My request if the Earth is about to be destroyed? Don’t destroy the Earth. Either my request is honored, or it isn’t. If it is, fantastic! If it isn’t … well, I won’t lose anything I wasn’t already losing, will I?

In either case, after making my request, especially if the world was still going to end, I would join my loved ones and hold them as tight as I could for as long as I could. Especially little Matthew. And there would probably be crying involved.

Ok, enough serious stuff. Who wants ice cream?


Our other participants:
Niki Nowell
Bill Davis
Niki Turner
Notes From The Backseat
Zoe Nowell
Marilyn Quinsaat [posting on Facebook]


6 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II – Day 11: Last Request if the World Was Ending

  1. I have always thought that if the world were ending I would want to be at the epicenter. Not epcot center…tho that would also be cool. I would like to be at the exact point of destruction. So that I would not live through it.
    I would like butter pecan ice cream please. Or mint chocolate chip.

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