Worst Punishment – Day 14 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


Perhaps you’ve made it to this point in your life without ever having had to shovel burro crap. If that’s the case, I congratulate you on your good fortune. Sadly, I cannot say the same thing.

This wasn’t actually the worst punishment I could think of, but the serious ones I thought of were difficult to express with drawings. Besides, my last couple posts have had a bit of a childhood theme, so let’s continue that.

Anyway, that’s not a horse. That’s a burro. We had one when I was a kid. Strange thing to have as a pet, I know, and she shared her enclosure with two goats.

For those lacking experience with burros, their primary purpose is to be a pack animal. Their secondary purpose is to eat and poop. They do that amazingly well. When it mixes with mud (there’s plenty in burro enclosures), it makes a wretched slurry of stench and stickiness that stays wet for weeks. And someone has to shovel it out.

While it was never used as a punishment, that task often fell to my sister and me to do it. Each week. As part of our chores. And it was horrible, and it would have made a very effective punishment, had my parents ever thought to use it that way.

What’s your worst punishment? Comment down below.


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5 thoughts on “Worst Punishment – Day 14 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II

  1. that is a nice little donkey.
    My grandma used to call me a donkey when I got contrary with her. She called my grandpa that same name sometimes but in a not nice voice.

  2. 😀 No one has ever called me a donkey, but I’ve seen Chef Gordon Ramsay call lots of contenders on his show “donkeys”.

    My wife explained to me that in French, what we called the ‘dunce cap’ was the ‘donkey cap’. I’m wondering if that filtered over into British English, which would make it similar to calling someone a dunce.

    What do you think?

  3. so in pinochio when they turn to donkeys and they are wearing the dunce cap…makes sense.
    Personally, I think that if the dunce cap were actually a donkey cap it might not deter people from acting like asses. At least not in my family.

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