First Crush – Day 17 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


Ignoring for a moment my debilitating man-crush on David Bowie, I’d guess I’ve had at least a dozen crushes over the years. Being a socially inept, awkward nerd child with a short attention span practically guaranteed that my young mind would be a fertile breeding ground for one unrequited infatuation after another.

That I only remember one of them as a complete person and more than a name and assorted other details is evidence of just how transient and inconsequential crushes ultimately are. But the prompt isn’t longest crush, most mature crush, fondest crush – it’s FIRST crush.

The very first crush I remember having was on a little girl in the fourth grade (note: I was also in the fourth grade…). She was obviously of Indian descent – Indian, not American Indian – and so was unsurprisingly brown-skinned and dark-haired. And her name was Ruby Gilani.

We didn’t interact much, and not at all outside of class. She was in my 5th-grade class the next year, and then we “graduated” elementary school, and I never saw her again after that. Besides, when 6th grade started, I met Ms. Thompson, my science teacher.


Our other participants:
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2 thoughts on “First Crush – Day 17 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II

    • What, my man-crush on David Bowie? I agree, but apparently he doesn’t, despite my attempts to convince him…

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