Outer Space – Day 18 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


This was an experiment. Rather than waste a whole bunch of lead or black ink trying to draw outer space, I decided to draw it in negative, then invert it on the computer.

First, I scanned it in and flipped the colors. Then, since I scratched it out in the middle of the night last night by the dull glow of a computer monitor and so the transitions weren’t anywhere near as smooth as I’d like, I threw a slight blur on it.

After that, it was simply a matter of cropping it and using a noise filter to randomly generate the star field in the background.

I think this idea shows some promise, and I’m definitely going to try again, but some time when I have the time to sit down and get the shading smooth.


Our other participants:
Niki Nowell
Bill Davis
Niki Turner
Notes From The Backseat
Zoe Nowell
Marilyn Quinsaat [posting on Facebook]


6 thoughts on “Outer Space – Day 18 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II

  1. Way cool. I hear the 2001 A Space Odyssey music playing in my head now…

    Please don’t ask how many attempts it took to get “odyssey” spelled correctly.

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