Favorite Holiday – Day 19 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


I had a makeup kit when I was a kid, full of everything a person could ever need: fake skin, liquid latex adhesive, different kinds of fake blood (fake drippy blood, fake scabby blood, fake edible blood…), rubber prosthetics…

As you can maybe tell, Halloween was a favorite of mine, and I could make some pretty convincing injuries.

Then one day, in my early twenties, a Christmas rolled around. It wasn’t anything exceptional – we had the tree, of course, and presents, but it was magical. Just sharing the holiday, snug inside, staring at the cold snow falling outside, cuddling with someone I cared about (who is now my wife)- it was magical. Since then, Christmas has been my favorite holiday.

Pictured are the two things without which it cannot be Christmas for me: snow (lots of it), and some version of Carol Of The Bells. Sadly, it’s pretty hard to find a really good choral version, but the version by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will more than suffice in a pinch.

Oh, also Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, starring the one TRUE Scrooge, George C. Scott (sorry Captain Picard).


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