First VHS/DVD – Day 22 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


Quick – what do these two objects have in common? Would it help if I told you there was almost a bullwhip in the picture as well?

While I can certainly remember VHS tapes we owned before, this was the first VHS that I remembered personally owning. It was a gift from my dad, and it was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Or at least we thought it was; it was, in fact, the “making of” special, as we found out when we started watching. We finished it and took it back to the store, where my dad convinced me to let him ‘give me’ the Star Wars Trilogy box set instead of Indy.

Still confused about the staple gun? If you’ve seen even one Indiana Jones flick, you know how important the hat was. Indy’s hat had some magical powers that enabled it (generally) to stay on his head, but the real hat didn’t. It kept falling off, so on the Last Crusade “making of” tape, there’s a quick clip of Harrison Ford pretending to attach it to his head with a staple gun, giving rise to an urban legend that he had, in fact, stapled his hat to his head (and to be honest, I believed it a lot longer than I’d like to admit).


Our other participants:
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Bill Davis
Niki Turner
Notes From The Backseat
Zoe Nowell
Marilyn Quinsaat [posting on Facebook]


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