You as the Opposite Sex – Day 23 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II


Not pictured: “My girlfriend is a lesbian” t-shirt; I don’t believe a person’s sexual preferences depend on the equipment between their legs, so I’d probably still be into women. It might make my crush on David Bowie more acceptable though.

Well, I guess this would be my second “self-portrait”; the first was for the last drawing challenge we did.

I had what I thought was a fun idea for this one, but it turned out to be a pain to draw; it ended up being easier to just give it a semi-serious treatment. So I looked at my earlier self-portrait, smoothed out the jaw, puffed up the lips a little, and kept everything else largely the same: wide nose; droopy eyes in ‘bruised’ sockets; big bushy eyebrows. And I gave myself pretty messy hair – I don’t ever take care of my hair now, I don’t think I would if I was a girl.

Also, I have it on decent authority that at least two of my co-participants will be getting caught up today, so make sure to jet over to their blogs and check them out. I’ve listed them all after this pretty little graphic below.


Our other participants:
Niki Nowell
Bill Davis
Niki Turner
Notes From The Backseat
Zoe Nowell
Marilyn Quinsaat [posting on Facebook]


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