Allie Brosh, Please Come Back

“Internet Meme” – Day 29, 30 Day Drawing Challenge Part II

Maybe you’re not familiar with Hyperbole and a Half, well, nobody’s perfect. Hyperbole and a half is the public face of a woman named Allie Brosh; a collection of stories and illustrations about her life. And it is hilarious.

She does all of her illustrations in Paintbrush (same as Paint), but don’t let that fool you; the imaginative and intentionally primitive drawings match perfectly with the humorous tone of her writings as she walks the reader through everyday events which become outrageously funny when seen through her eyes.

Here are some of my favorites – if you don’t laugh at these, you might not have a sense of humor. You should have that checked out.

Sadly, Allie’s last post was in 2011, when she posted about some serious depression issues (while still managing to be incredibly fun and funny – you know that’s got to be hard). Though she is scheduled to be releasing a book of stories soon, her blog now lays abandoned. But there’s still more than enough to keep you entertained for a long time, especially considering that the stories are pretty re-readable.

Every month or so – sometimes multiple times in a month – I check in over at Hyperbole and a Half, just to see if Allie came back. I would do an inane little happy dance if she did, but she hasn’t yet. Until she does, I’ll keep checking and hoping.

Maybe if we made a petition and sent it to her? What do you think?


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6 thoughts on “Allie Brosh, Please Come Back

  1. I miss her, too. Funniest blog on the internet. Ever. I feel for her, knowing her struggles, which she so honestly shared. I see that her book is due our in October.

    • I saw that! Fantastic, no? Wooohooo!
      I’m doing a follow-up post which will be up later on tonight.

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